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Stop selling. Get SELLected.

You have a complex sales process.
We help you get SELLected by your ideal clients.

SELLect Your Own Adventure! I am a ...

SELLect Sales

Are you open to a new way of selling?
What if selling was less about pushing your solutions and more about being SELLected by your ideal clients?

If you sell… 

  • professional services
  • consulting
  • custom engineered solutions
  • creative ideas
  • unique products or services

If your sales process is… 

  • complex
  • consultative
  • multiple steps

You know it takes more than some slick one liners to close profitable deals consistently. 

Stop selling.

Get SELLected.

If you are open to it, keep scrolling to learn more… or

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Companies we've helped
get SELLected include

The SELLect Sales System is Deliberately Designed Around Three Principles...

Expand what you believe is possible for you and your prospects

Strengthen your sales skills and create your own documented custom sales process

Collaborate with a community of peers and coaches committed to your success



This course was the single best investment I’ve made in my business future this year. In addition to the skills I picked up for better sales conversations, I loved how we got to PRACTICE these skills with each other.

- Entrepreneur/Consultant

I learned much more from this program than at any point since I left college many moons ago. Thank you for delivering vital, timely and interesting information in such a fun and personal manner.

- ABC-TV Station Manager

This sales system is practical, realistic and completely comprehensive. I would recommend it without reservation to anyone looking to shorten sales cycles, improve close ratios, and add to their bottom line.

- Ragen Chastain | Executive Director, Body Positive Dance

The SELLect Sales System is outstanding training for sales professionals and for those who lead or manage sales professionals. Their team of trainers delivers the skills and knowledge to make an immediate, measurable impact on a sales organization.

- Roy Springer

Not even 24 hours after taking The SELLect Sales course, I was able to modify my current approach and apply my newly acquired skills to deliver an effective proposal meeting. This course brought clarity which illustrated a roadmap to achieve greater personal and professional success.

- Pam Shipley

Each of our programs follows a proven path:

Merit Kahn

Hi, I’m Merit Kahn, CEO of SELLect Sales Development.

We work with sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders and organizations, whose products and services make a difference in the world.

Our training, coaching and consulting programs are not a perfect fit for everyone, but if you’re fed up because growing your business should be easier than it is, schedule a straight-forward conversation and let’s talk.

If we can’t help, we won’t blow smoke at ya.

We make our difference in the world by helping you make yours.

Stop selling. Get SELLected.

There’s a dirty little secret sales trainers don’t want you to know… but hey, we’ve got your back!

I want to know the dirty little secret!

Download the Secret!
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