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Digital Jumpstart

So you’re ready to kick your sale results into high gear, but where do you start? Whether you are a seasoned sales pro looking for added structure or a newbie wanting to focus on the basics, the SELLect Sales JumpStart Program can be deliberately designed just for you.


Instant access to online JumpStart course
with templates and one virtual live, interactive
program every month!

Digital Jumpstart

  • JumpStart digital program on-demand
  • Templates, checklists, worksheets
  • Monthly, live, interactive, small group virtual coaching
  • Access JumpStart class recordings added monthly


Many salespeople are eager to cut to the chase and get thrown into the thick of it. After all, we’re told time and time again that sales is a numbers game. But, before you take the leap, take a moment to get organized. A little preparation can go a long way in sales.

Here are the ten steps to your SELLect Sales JumpStart:

1. Goals

If you don’t know where you’re going, you are guaranteed to arrive late—if at all! In the first step, you’ll get clarity on your business and personal goals in the short and long term.

We’ll help you create a 2-page plan that will guide every decision you make about growing sales.

2. Offers

The only way you’ll reach your revenue goals is if you know exactly what you offer, how it’s priced, how long it takes to deliver, why people buy it, and a slew of other details that will help you articulate what you do and why it matters.

Here, you’ll develop cheat sheets for your top three primary offers to use throughout your sales process.

3. Ideal Target Market

Clearly defining all of the nuances of your ideal target market will help you narrow your focus and align your strategy for maximum efficiency.

In this step, you’ll learn to establish and describe your ideal target market and their buying motivations.

4. Superbowl Commercial

Imagine if you spent millions of dollars every time someone asked you, “What do you do?” You’d probably make sure you nailed your pitch. Our template guides you through a proven process to explain how you can best serve in ways that resonate with them.

You will have a one-page cheat sheet, so you are always prepared to say what you do.

5. Top 100 Prospect List

All the sales skills training in the world won’t be worth much to you without people to talk to about your offers. In this section, you will focus on building your top 100 list of prospects so you can hit the ground running.

You will identify your top 100 prospect list and learn easy ways to get all the detailed information you need to begin your business development campaign.

6. Your Prospecting Mix

Stay true to yourself! You may not be a networker, or maybe you hate cold calls…but there are lots of creative ways to mix up your prospecting plan.

Here, you will decide on the mix that feels right to you.

7. Your Recipe for Sales Success

When you follow a recipe, you get consistent results. To avoid the typical trap of good sales months followed by not-so-good sales months, you need to know your unique recipe for sales success!

In this step, you will design your own recipe for sales success using our tried and true formulas as a guide.

8. Accountability Scorecard

Numbers don’t lie, but they also don’t grab you by the collar and make you look at them. Once you are set up on our simple accountability scorecard system, you’ll have a tool that will give you the ability to kick your own butt.

At this point, you will customize an accountability scorecard and learn what the right metrics will teach you.

9. The Next Nine Minutes

Big picture goals seem so far out of reach. Sure, you want to aim for the moon, but what’s the thing you can do in the next nine minutes to move in that direction?

We’ll teach you a system to break down big goals into smaller parts so you can take action immediately.

10. The Open for Business Framework

Success in anything boils down to three things: Mindset, Mechanics, and Motion. The area you avoid or ignore will ultimately sabotage your success.

Finally, you will uncover your strong suits and weak links so you can stop self-sabotaging!



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