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Certified Speaking Professionals: Why They’re Essential in Business

Certified speaking professionals are experts in their field and have a lot of experience when it comes to public speaking and presenting on different topics, including sales. They know how to engage with an audience better than anyone else because they have been doing it for years! Keep reading to learn more about the significance of CSPs in business.

What is a Certified Speaking Professional?

A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is someone who has been certified by the National Speakers Association (NSA) as having a track record of success in the speaking profession. CSP is the speaking profession’s “international measure of professional platform competence.” It is earned by mastering the four professional competencies: eloquence, expertise, enterprise, and ethics. Additionally, less than 12% of the 5,000+ speakers across the world have this credential.

CSP Qualifying Criteria

  • Maintain membership in NSA and abide by the Code of Ethics
  • Present a minimum of 250 professional speaking engagements within five years
  • Serve a minimum of 100 different clients within the same five years
  • Receive excellent reviews from past clients on professional performance evaluations
  • Continue education in professional speaking through NSA’s educational programs
  • Submit professionally prepared promotional materials
  • Submit testimonial letters from clients served

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Speaking Professional

Hiring a CSP gives your sales team the opportunity to experience a speaker with a commitment to the profession, honed platform skills, and a solid message. There are many benefits to hiring a professional speaker for your event. A CSP can help to boost your sales team’s morale and bring out their best performance. CSPs are committed to ongoing education, outstanding performance, and ethical behavior

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The Importance of Communication in Business

Professional communication is arguably the most important aspect of business. Effective communication is about ensuring you deliver the right message in the right way, at the right time, to the right person, and for the right reason. It’s critical for the success and growth of any organization, especially in sales. 

Effective communication is how employees and management work together to reach business goals and align with company values. It serves to keep employees informed, improve organizational operations, eliminate silos, and reduce errors. All in all, sales professionals have much to learn from CSPs.

Empower Your Sales Team with a Certified Speaking Professional

CSPs bring a proven track record of excellence and expertise. A certified speaker professional or sales keynote speaker can help motivate your sales team in a number of ways. For starters, they can provide insight into the psychology of buyers and sellers. They can also offer tips on how to improve sales presentations and close deals more effectively.

Furthermore, a certified speaker professional can make your sales team feel like they are part of an elite group because they are one of the few people who have been trained in this field. They also have access to valuable resources that you may not have time to look up or find on your own.

Merit Kahn, CEO of SELLect Sales Development, is a Certified Speaking Professional and Emotional Intelligence Expert with over 20 years of industry experience. To learn more about her CSP expertise, visit or schedule a meeting with Merit here.

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