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How to Run a Sales Meeting Like a Pro

The best sales meetings involve engaged participants and end with your sales team feeling they’ve gained something of value. These sessions are energizing and allow you to give your team the guidance they need.

Unfortunately, these meetings often feel like frustrating obligations instead of useful gatherings. To help with this, we’ve created this guide on how to run a successful sales team meeting.

Keep reading for great tips on:

  • Planning effective sales meetings
  • Creating a sales meeting agenda that works
  • Keeping everybody engaged during the meeting
  • When one on one sales meetings are better
  • Motivational sales meeting ideas

Implement these tips on how to run a good sales meeting, and your team may start looking forward to these helpful sessions.

What’s the Purpose of Sales Meetings?

The purpose of a sales meeting is to:

  • Discuss challenges your team is facing
  • Give team updates
  • Motivate sales staff
  • Boost product understanding
  • Share news and info

You may not cover every single point in each sales meeting but will definitely include a couple of these items.

It’s also important to know what to leave out if you want to learn how to run a good sales meeting. For example, if somebody needs very specific coaching, that may be better left to a one-on-one sales meeting. It’s also best to save non-sales-related topics for staff meetings or strategy sessions.

Common Types of Sales Meetings

Your sales meetings shouldn’t all look the same. In fact, there are four distinct types of sales meetings. You should be having each of these, as needed, to keep your team on track. These are:

  • Weekly sales pipeline reviews to check on team status
  • Daily sales huddles for last-minute planning and motivation
  • Monthly sales enablement to ensure staff have what they need
  • Biweekly sales forecasting to talk about quotas and progress

You may need to meet more often to have all these meetings, but your team will accomplish more in each one.

Tips for Planning a Successful Sales Team Meeting

Planning is the first element of a successful B2C or B2B sales meeting. Make an agenda, and send it out ahead of time. This approach will give everybody attending time to gather anything they might want to bring with them. It can also help salespeople think about anything they want to ask or present during the meeting.

sales meeting

What Should Be Included in a Sales Meeting Agenda?

Each sales meeting agenda that you create should clearly communicate what every attendee should expect. Here are a few things to include:

A Primary Goal

Every sales meeting should be run with a key purpose in mind. If you don’t have one, you probably need to clarify precisely what you want to accomplish.

Be careful about holding meetings simply because it’s something that’s expected. It’s better to have fewer well-run and purposeful meetings than to hold frequent meetings that are primarily viewed as time-wasters by your team.

A Rough Schedule

Create a brief outline that details the flow of the meeting. For example, include who will open the meeting, topics to cover, and when there will be any Q&A.

A List of Attendees and Presenters

Give everybody a heads up about who will be there and who will be asked to present. This notice will help people get prepared. Also, those who aren’t expected to attend will know that their schedule is open.

A Location and Technical Expectations

Where is the meeting going to be located? If it’s over Zoom, let people know if they’ll be expected to be on camera or sharing screens.

Start and End Times

Give a clear start and end time. Then, do whatever you can to stick to that.

Top Sales Meeting Topics and Ideas

Sales meetings are an excellent tool for educating, motivating, and better understanding your teams. These sales meeting topics and ideas are perfect for planning engaging team sessions:

  • Amplifying wins and successes
  • Sales tech and automation overviews
  • Customer feedback review
  • Invited guest speakers (marketing, customer support, IT)
  • Brainstorming
  • Review of goals
  • Competitor strategy sessions

Consider offering these more focused meetings as lunch and learn sessions. You can also combine meeting topics.

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