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Sales Process Review and Development

An effective Sales Process is the foundation of a company’s ability to drive revenue and profitability. Structured business processes exist in most departments like accounting, operations and technology, but are often neglected or cast aside in sales. Whether the selling is done by the company principal or a large sales team, a selling system must be present for sustainable, measurable results. The best sales training companies can help you achieve these results.

SELLect Sales – Sales Process Consulting

SELLect Sales develops and implements effective sales systems for companies of all sizes. We have a proven track record of helping companies improve their sales performance by creating sales processes and solutions that are actionable, manageable and produce accelerated results.

We are experts at evaluating if your current process can deliver the results your company requires. We help companies that are facing challenges such as:

  • No structured sales planning process exists and sales results are unpredictable
  • Revenue growth is flat to marginal, and we can’t seem to get to the next level
  • We’ve built a good company, but have aggressive goals to rapidly grow revenue and profitability
  • We have an M&A strategy, and won’t achieve our objectives without a comprehensive, consistent sales approach
  • We are entering a new market, but aren’t sure our current sales processes will get the results we need
  • Sales cycles are too long
  • We aren’t making enough money
  • Sales team is growing, and we need a consistent way to manage and train our people
  • We are a start-up and have to achieve our revenue objectives
  • Sales forecasting is inaccurate
  • Too many opportunities are stuck in the pipeline


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