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The 3 Principles of The SELLect Sales System

At SELLect Sales Development, our sales training program follows a proven path. The unique material in The SELLect Sales System has been handcrafted by a team of experts with more than 30 years of sales success. Below you’ll find a short overview of what you will learn in this course.


Expand what you believe is possible for you and your prospects.

Having the right mindset is critical to your long-term success in sales. The ability to influence others requires a deeper understanding of what has influence over us. To strengthen your sales mindset, you need to know a little more about the three different types.

  • Internal Mind is what we say to ourselves.
  • Behavioral Mind is what our actions say to others.
  • Emotional Mind is understanding our own emotions and our impact on others.

The more we can understand our mindset, the more we can impact the next two principles: mechanics and motion.


Strengthen your sales skills and create your own documented custom sales process.

These five steps are crucial to a successful consultative sales process.


Who is your ideal prospect? Where and how will you reach your prospects? The investigation stage of selling is all about prospecting, pursuing, and relationship building. Sales reps need to craft an idea of the ideal prospect and become an “investigator” to track them down. Once you determine what kind of relationship you want to have with your clients, connecting with them will be much easier.


It’s important for salespeople to set reasonable expectations about the sales process with their prospects. Set an expectation that gives you room to ask questions that will help you both determine if the deal is a good match. We like to call this the pre-call plan. Mapping out your outline in advance will prevent you from letting any expectations fall through the cracks.


Remember that communicating your value and expertise in sales is in the questions you ask, not the information you tell. The questioning stage of the selling process is all about responding and redirecting. Prospects don’t always make their concerns crystal clear, so you must be prepared to ask clarifying questions to ensure you are addressing their actual thoughts.


As a sales rep, you need to understand that it is not your job to decide whether or not your prospect is qualified. Instead, it is your job to qualify them based on their need, budget, and decision. If they are willing but unable…they do not qualify. If they are unwilling but able…they do not qualify. Know when to move on to the next prospect, don’t force it.


Present only appropriate offers to qualified prospects. And before the presentation, review the reasons your prospect entered the buying stage to begin with. Don’t forget to set expectations, ask questions, and even re-qualify. Following these steps will ensure your deals stick.

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Collaborate with a community of peers and coaches committed to your success.

People in the sales industry know better than anyone that consistent action produces consistent results. Being in constant motion requires a strong commitment to your goals, a resilient approach, and the willingness to revise your plan when necessary. See what we mean below.

  • Goals: As a sales rep, you must have goals. What do you want to achieve, both long-term and short-term? And what can you do today to get started?
  • Game Plan: Think of the goals you just set. What actions will you take to reach these specific goals? Make a plan for success.
  • Go Time: It’s time to kick it into action. Don’t guess what strategies work for you. Work your plan and track your metrics to measure your progress. Readjust as needed.
  • Get Back Up: Failure is inevitable, but don’t let it keep you from working towards your goals. What is your strategy to recover from rejection? The sooner you get back on your feet, the better.

It’s Time To Stop Selling And Get SELLected!

Are you ready to increase your income and influence with The SELLect Sales System? For more than 20 years, we have helped entrepreneurs, professionals, business leaders, and salespeople from every industry get SELLected by their prospects. This being said, our team would be honored to be SELLected to continue your sales journey with you in this mastery course.

Give us a call at 512-351-7665 or contact us online today to find out how we can help advance your career in sales.

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