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Emotional Intelligence: The Secret to Conquering Sales Success

In this episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, Merit Kahn teaches us how to improve our emotional intelligence, how to stop selling, and start getting SELLected. With 20+ years of experience under her belt, Merit is an Emotional Intelligence sales expert, certified speaking professional, and current CEO of SELLect Sales Development. She explains how mindset, mechanics, and motion are the key to closing more deals and expanding your influence (without being too aggressive).

How Can Emotional Intelligence Improve Your Sales?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is all about understanding, using, and managing your emotions in positive ways. It’s being honest with yourself about what you’re feeling without making excuses or blaming others. Individuals with high EQ are often better communicators and listeners than others. As a result, it’s easier for these people to overcome life challenges and form relationships while remaining emotionally balanced.

“Sometimes we think a good leader is just super knowledgeable about their industry, products, services, and all of that. But there’s more to it. The real way these people rise to the top is how well they treat others,” explains Merit. “This is the real essence of emotional intelligence. To be more influential with other people, we must know what influences us. We need to understand our own emotions and our impact on the people we interact with.”

It’s essential to understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can be the best salesperson possible. You don’t want to constantly have highs and lows. Improving your emotional intelligence can help you achieve more balance.

Learn How Emotional Intelligence Can Get You SELLected

Today, it is crucial for sales professionals to develop their emotional intelligence. It allows them to understand and manage their emotions throughout the entire sales process.

If you want to see how Merit’s knowledge and expertise translate to you and your endeavors, set up a meeting with her today.

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