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Entrepreneurs Visiting Victor: Interview with Merit Kahn

Host Victor Dedaj interviews guest Merit Kahn on this special episode of the Entrepreneurs Visiting Victor Podcast. Merit shares her stories and strategies to help increase your sales and grow your business!

Asking the Right Questions

A sales coach can only do so much. “When I coach somebody, I don’t just teach what questions to ask in the sales process and the right things to say to a prospect,” says Merit. “I’m looking a layer beneath that to see what could sabotage you from using the skills that I teach you.”

A problem that many salespeople deal with is self-doubt. When you ask yourself negative, disempowering questions, you are essentially limiting your abilities and sabotaging yourself. Our brains are wired to answer the questions we ask ourselves. So, when you think, “How could I lose that sale?” your brain is going to feed you negative answers.

On the other hand, you can ask yourself, “what can I learn from this so that I don’t lose another sale the same way?” In this case, your brain will instead work to find a solution and come up with all the things you can learn to prevent a similar situation in the future. So, don’t perpetuate the negativity! Instead, flip the questions on yourself and look for the good.

About Merit Kahn

Merit is the President and CEO of SELLect Sales Development, sales speaker, and mindset expert. She has been an entrepreneur since 1998 and has been helping salespeople, , professionals, and industry leaders grow their businesses and increase their sales ever since. Her Open For Business Framework is designed to impact the three essential ingredients for success: Mindset, Mechanics, and Motion. These techniques will help you discover exactly what steps to take to become the best version of yourself.

About SELLect Sales Development

Your sales team relies on you for resources and training to help them succeed. SELLect Sales Development is here to help you support their success. The SELLect Sales Methodology was built upon consultative sales processes, behavioral changes, and rock-solid skills to help your sales team consistently meet their quotas and goals.

If you’re ready to empower your sales team to achieve more, contact SELLect today!

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