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Pivit Points with Merit Kahn

Matt and Bennett from the Pivit Points Podcast pick Merit’s brain about her life as an entrepreneur, the various business and EQ frameworks that have helped her organizations, and how she has “pivoted” her career and personal life.

Podcast Highlights

Co-hosts Bennett Chamberlain and Matt Dugan bring in their first guest ever, Merit Kahn. Merit is the CEO of SELLect Sales Development, an Emotional Intelligence Expert, and a Certified Speaking Professional. For more than 20 years, Merit has been working with professionals across a plethora of industries—from Pharma to Pest Control. Because of her gift, these companies were able to sharpen their sales skills, fine-tune their action plans, and shift their mindset about what is possible for their businesses, growth potential, and overall lives.

As a certified Emotional Intelligence Expert, Merit states that there are 15 emotional intelligence attributes that are very important when it comes to being strong in a selling role. The top three attributes of highly successful, top-performing salespeople are:

  1. Self-regard
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Optimism

So, what do top-performing sales professionals or entrepreneurs need to know to grow their business consistently?

“The first thing is we like to remind people to stop selling but to start getting SELLected. The most important thing you can focus on is being more influential with other people. You really have to understand what has influence over us,” says Merit. “My philosophy is to sell them what they want and give them what they need.”

About The Pivit Points Podcast

Brought to you by Pivit Studios, Bennett Chamberlain and Matt Dugan give insight to entering entrepreneurship in your early 20s. Having started their own companies respectively, Bennett and Matt discuss everything tech, business, music, and more. Tune in for new episodes every week.

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