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In Your Business, Are You Open To…

On the latest episode of Flow Working the Entrepreneur’s Podcast, business coach and content expert Megan Anderson sat down for an intriguing conversation with sales expert Merit Kahn. They covered a few different topics, including the three things that make you successful, the four magic words in sales, and how emotional intelligence and sales are connected.

If you’re looking for ways to be better in sales, need tips on how to run your business, or feel less alone in your journey—then this episode is for you.

Looking At Sales Through A Different Lens

Sales is scary for many business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. Merit tells us that there are four magic words: Are You Open To…

In sales, when you preface a conversation with these words, it really transforms the exchange. Let’s look at an example.

If you ask someone if they are interested in something, it’s very easy for them to say “no” to you because it doesn’t have any impact on who they are as a human being. But when asked if you’re open to something and say “no” to that, that basically means you have just self-identified as a close-minded person—and no one wants to feel that way.

By prefacing the question with “are you open to,” you’ve invited them to decide a significant part of their identity and how they want to be perceived. Listen to the full episode now to learn more! Watch the video version on YouTube here.

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