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Sales, Mindset, and Emotional Intelligence with Merit Kahn

Merit Kahn joined the Time to Thrive: Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses podcast with Bethany Meadows to discuss all things sales, mindset, emotional intelligence. With more than two decades of sales, management, training, coaching, and consulting experience, Merit has worked with countless clients across every industry imaginable with one goal in mind—to grow sales and influence.

Aligning Your Marketing and Sales Strategies to Get SELLected

Merit Kahn, CSP, is the President and CEO of SELLect Sales Development, as well as an entrepreneur, author, comedian, and established public speaker. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and has earned the highest designation in The National Speakers Association, The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). This title is held by less than 12% of professional speakers worldwide!

Working with sales professionals for 20+ years, Merit stresses the importance of the relationship between sales and marketing. “While sales and marketing do go hand in hand, they are very different.” Merit explains that “marketing is everything that happens before a conversation, and then once you’re in a conversation, that is sales.” Studying sales is important because once you get that language right, you can infuse it into your marketing for added success.

To be SELLected, you really need to have a sense that you know how to solve your prospect’s problem. For example, if your marketing only communicates features and benefits or how great you are, you’re missing the mark.

Instead, we need first to understand the mindset (the problems that keep our prospects up at night) and then make sure our sales messaging speaks directly to those challenges. In fact, we don’t even have to solve them in our marketing. We just have to make sure that people know that we know what those challenges are—that’s it!

Stop Selling. Get SELLected.

Are you frustrated with your current sales tactics? Are you tired of being pushy and aggressive with little to no success? We’ll teach you how to get SELLected by your ideal clients and target market.

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