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The Three M’s of Business Success

According to the Open For Business Framework, there are three essential ingredients for business success. In this episode of the Terminal Value podcast, Doug Utberg and Merit Kahn discuss how improving your Mindset, Mechanics, and Motion can be a massive help to the success of your sales and business efforts.

The Three M’s Framework

The Open For Business Framework is designed to help you sell more, sell faster, and sell smarter. This three-step selling system teaches sales professionals everything there is to know about finding prospects, qualifying opportunities, and closing deals. The three M’s are:

  1. Mindset – Expand what you believe is possible for you and your prospects.
  2. Mechanics – Strengthen your sales skills and create your own documented custom sales process.
  3. Motion – Consistent action produces consistent results.

“Being good at what you do is great, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle,” Merit says. “I work a lot of time with people who are frustrated, and they want to know which piece of the Open For Business Framework puzzle would make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time.”

To be more influential with other people, we must first understand what has influence over us—bringing us to Mindset. There are three parts of Mindset:

  • Internal Mind – what we say to ourselves
  • Behavioral Mind – what our actions say to other people
  • Emotional Mind – how well we understand our emotions, triggers, and the impact we have on other people

The more we can understand our Mindset, the more we can impact our business Mechanics and Motion.

About The SELLect Sales System

Do you have the skills and knowledge necessary to land a successful career in your industry? The premise of the SELLect Sales System is that you should stop selling and start getting SELLected. Our training and coaching programs help individuals and organizations improve their sales performance by giving them more control of the selling process. Here’s what you’ll take away from a SELLect Sales course:

  • A strategic cheat sheet to shorten your sales cycles
  • Prospecting plan designed to achieve your sales goals
  • 5-step proven sales process that focuses on Authentic Business Conversations
  • Strategy to quickly recover from sales rejection to get back in the game

Are you ready to optimize your sales processes with the SELLect Sales System? Contact us online today or schedule a meeting directly with Merit here.

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