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Your Brand Amplified with Merit Kahn

Hosted by Anika Jackson, Your Brand Amplified is the podcast that interviews marketers, publicists, and brands to learn their stories, what makes them tick, and tips and tricks that make a difference. In this special episode, guest speaker Merit Kahn from SELLect Sales shares her insights on entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, and the sales industry.

Podcast Highlights

People don’t always realize that you have to operationalize, and you have to have a structure in place. There are three areas that make up the “Open for Business” framework.

  1. Mindset – To influence others requires understanding what has influence over us.
  2. Mechanics – Master the steps of your custom consultative sales process.
  3. Motion – Maintain consistent action to produce consistent results.

So, where should someone getting into sales start? The answer lies somewhere in this formula.

“I have personally found over the course of my 20+ year career that people get a lot of value when they focus on Mechanics because it gives them confidence,” Merit explains. “For example, they’ll get excited when they learn a new technique or strategy that works for them—this shifts their Mindset into more is possible. Then they get more excited to take more action, so it also shifts being in Motion.”

Stop Selling. Get SELLected.

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The SELLect Sales System helps professionals:

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