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5 Characteristics the Best Sales Consultants Have In Common

“It takes more than strong selling skills and a good action plan to be successful in sales and any sales training company that tries to convince you otherwise is in an argument with reality,” asserts Merit Kahn, CEO of SELLect Sales Development.

You can’t teach some of the skills required for sales consulting, but you can learn from the best. Here are five characteristics the most successful sales consultants often have in common.

What Makes A Good Sales Consultant?

As a sales consultant, it’s crucial to have the right skills when meeting with prospects. There are a few certain attributes that can make all the difference for new sales reps. For some people, these characteristics may come naturally. Meanwhile, others may need to develop these skills through years of practice. Nonetheless, what makes a good sales consultant is a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and excellent communication skills. Keep reading to gain a better understanding of each of these traits and what it takes to achieve them.

5 Characteristics of the Best Sales Consultants

To be successful in sales consulting, you’ll need to refine your sales characteristics. Analyzing your approach is a great way to determine what skills you lack and what you can do to improve your sales success. Below are five valuable characteristics you should strive for in your sales consulting career

1. Charismatic

All the best sales consultants have one quality in common: charisma. This is what sets average sales reps apart from great ones. Whether or not they realize it, buyers prefer salespeople with charming, inviting personalities. No matter how amazing your product or service is, you’ll never close a sale with a dull personality. Sell yourself!

sales consulting characteristics

Selling a product to a stranger who you know nothing about can be intimidating. Not to mention, they don’t know anything about you or your company. So, ease into the sale with a warm introduction. Use engaging language, smile, and do your best to convey a friendly, non-threatening aura. If you find yourself struggling with this, just remember that practice makes perfect!

In addition, charismatic people are typically perceived as more confident. Attract buyers with your confidence, and the sales will follow. All the best sales training companies will tell you that confidence sells!

2. Detail-Oriented

Another essential trait of a great sales consultant is being detail-oriented. To close a sale, you must be focused and attentive to your buyer. You should have a complete understanding of the product or service you are selling. In addition, you need to be up to date with information such as prices, inventory, competitors, leads, and top sales methodologies.

3. Optimistic

Positive sales reps get the attention of buyers much faster and easier than pessimistic sales reps. People are naturally drawn to those who present a positive outlook. No one likes negative people, especially when it comes to sales.

So, practice using positive language throughout your sales process. For example, describe your product or service using words like “admire,” “beneficial,” “quality,” and “helpful.” The more positive the description, the easier it will be to close the sale. Sales training companies like SELLect Sales will teach you exactly what to say to prospects.

In addition, optimists are known for their perseverance. They don’t give up in the face of failure. Rejection is a huge part of being a salesperson. However, successful sales consultants won’t take rejection personally. Getting discouraged will only slow you down; instead, you need to learn to be persistent.

4. Analytical

While being friendly and establishing rapport is important, it’s also important that you let the customer know you are prepared and ready for business. According to trusted sales training companies, customers are more likely to be receptive to fact-driven, insightful, and professional salespeople. Buyers want to be educated and informed before committing to the sale. They want to ask questions and learn about what you’re selling. Sales consulting experts should be able to identify customer needs and offer custom solutions to solve those needs.

sales consulting analytical

5. Diligent

As you can imagine, the most successful salespeople never give up! They are responsible and self-disciplined. They’re always on time, whether it’s following up with leads, making calls, or sending emails. For the go-getters, the job isn’t over when the deal is closed. Diligent sales reps continue working with clients to build personal relationships, transforming prospects into loyal customers.

Staying on top of leads and making quick follow-ups are essential for closing sales. Aspiring sales consultants need to prepare themselves to work hard and long hours. Every day, you should research new leads, schedule meetings, and follow-up on sales calls. Procrastinating is out of the question.

How A Sales Training Company Takes Consulting To Another Level

So, is there a specific formula for the perfect sales consultant? Of course not. However, there are desirable qualities that many top sales professionals share. So, take the information you learned in this article and apply it to your sales process. Better yet, get help from a reputable sales training company!

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